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Temporary, affordable health insurance for individuals and families between ACA plans, short term medical (STM) policies provide coverage up to 364 days. STM benefits cover unexpected medical care such as emergency room treatment, ambulance services, intensive or specialized care, surgical services and more.

Online quoting and enrollment, next-day effective dates, and choice of deductible options are available. STM is a quick, simple solution for anyone who needs to bridge a coverage gap due to an employer waiting period, job search, divorce and other special situations.

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High-deductible health insurance plans help keep monthly premiums low, but often make consumers want to live in a bubble. IHC Specialty Benefits’ supplemental health insurance product, Metal Gap 2, helps relieve worries over unexpected medical bills. Metal Gap 2 pays lump-sum benefits for accidents and illnesses.

When a covered incident occurs, a check is sent directly to the insured who chooses how to use it. The benefit can help pay their health insurance deductible, coinsurance, copay and even household expenses. Plus, Metal Gap 2 is guaranteed issue, which means anyone qualifies regardless of health history.

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Hospital indemnity insurance provides benefits to help with the high cost of hospitalizations so families can focus on what matters most. Hospital indemnity insurance pays a lump-sum benefit for covered services and diagnoses due to covered illnesses and injuries. The insured can choose how to use the benefit: out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, household bills, housing, childcare, transportation, and more.

Hospital indemnity insurance includes benefits for inpatient and outpatient services, urgent care and ER, and wellness and preventive care among other services.

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Oral health is a big part of overall health. That’s why dental insurance from IHC Specialty Benefits helps make routine dental care affordable. Our plans are designed with a focus on the preventive services and procedures important to maintaining wellness.

Individual dental plans from IHC are available to people of all ages and can be customized to client needs with network (PPO) and non-network (indemnity) options, dental and vision bundles, and benefits for a range of services from cleanings to oral surgery. State availability may vary.

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Pet Partners

Pet insurance is quickly becoming an integral part of pet healthcare. By reimbursing for costly veterinary bills, pet owners can focus more on the health of their pet and less on how they're going to pay for it.

PetPartners offers a variety of customizable plan options that allow pet owners to create a plan that fits their individual needs and budget. Coverage options include accident and illness coverage, accident only, coverage for inherited conditions, exam fee coverage and wellness and routine care. PetPartners supplies insurance to dogs and cats of all ages and breeds in all 50 states.

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Health Discount Program

Now offering two affordable discount plans designed to save you money on your healthcare expenses. The Wellness Discount Plan and the Health and Wellness Discount Plan give you access to a variety of discount healthcare services - such as; telemedicine, RX, alternative health & wellness, counseling program and more

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Vision insurance can help individuals and families obtain access to routine vision exams and corrective lenses, including eyeglasses and contact lenses. There are no waiting periods to obtain vision care, and anyone aged 18 to 99 is eligible, with children under age 26 able to be included on a parent’s plan.

Vision plans also include insurance and/or discounts on hearing testing and hearing aid fitting. People that utilize a combination of limited-benefit and/or supplemental insurance products may be interested in adding vision benefits for additional coverage and benefits for their vision and hearing. Underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company.

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