IHC Specialty, a member of The IHC Group (NYSE:IHC), is a business development company armed with marketing tools to bolster your ancillary and supplemental health insurance offerings. Our solutions can expand your portfolio and help you grow your marketshare, while providing customers a unique online shopping experience. Our strength is creating customized products and platforms to complement your current portfolio and distribution model.

As a member of The IHC Group, we have the financial strength and backing of a publicly trading holding company, a strong investment portfolio, and three insurance carriers all rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company, Inc.

We fill a customer's shopping cart with competitive products.


IHC Specialty has developed new insurance products and services that are in great demand for the Affordable Care Act marketplace. Our product lines include supplemental and ancillary insurance, such as temporary medical, hospital indemnity, bundled gap coverage plans, dental, accident insurance, critical illness and pet insurance. A significant amount of our products are marketed direct-to-consumer through proprietary technology of IHC. Our technology or yours – we integrate systems quickly and effectively to keep new business flowing.

Ask us about plans that complement essential benefits

  • Temporary, short-term medical
  • Hospital indemnity
  • Private exchange insurance
  • Dental
  • Limited medical
  • Critical illness
  • Bundled accident, life, disability
  • Pet insurance


Using an innovative agency model we have created a nimble team that is passionate about growing business and capitalizing on market trends.


New business:



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